Sustaining Healthy and Awesome Relationships

Project Objectives:

• Build the capacity of men and boys in ethno-cultural communities to create healthy and positive relationships

• Support the development of an ethno-cultural community-based infrastructure for preventing domestic violence and promoting healthy relationships

Project Activities

• Community Outreach and Promotion

• Engaging Ethno-cultural Men and Boys

• Community Engagement

Project Benefits:

• Greater awareness, readiness, and capacity of ethno-cultural men and boys to understand wellness, domestic violence, and intersecting issues of racial and colonial violence; conditions of immigration, grief and loss; social isolation, poverty and exclusion; systemic discrimination and barriers to economic and civic participation.

• Increased awareness of ethno-cultural individuals and cross-cultural communities to develop and implement proactive, sustainable, community-led solutions to preventing domestic violence and promoting healthy relationships

For more information, please contact:

Vic Lantion
SHARE Program Coordinator
Phone: (403) 263 9900 ext. 2723



Funding for this project is provided by:

United Way of Calgary and Area