Leadership Engagement, Action and Development

Leadership Engagement, Action and Development (LEAD) is a community capacity building program that combines leadership training and community action for members of ethno-cultural communities.

The program aims to actively and fully engage ethno-cultural communities in advancing sustainable solutions to issues important to them and to the community by increasing their level of:

• Community leadership

• Civic engagement and volunteerism

• Cross-cultural collaboration

Program Strategies:

• Conduct participatory training and education to provide information, skills, resources and tools to develop broader leadership roles for ethno-cultural community members

• Combine innovative learning and community action to develop and initiate solutions to issues impacting ethno-cultural communities and Canadians

• Strengthen collaboration among ethno-cultural communities and with local residents, agencies, institutions, business and government

• Enhance integration of ethno-cultural members through increased civic participation

Program Activities:

Interactive Workshops

Ethno-cultural members and groups participate in interactive workshops that combine learning, reflection and action.

Workshop Themes:

• River of Leadership, River of Life
Self-reflection and presentation of life and leadership stories using    creative approaches

• Core Competencies for Community Leadership
Understanding and combining competencies, including Framing Ideas, Building Social Capital and Mobilizing Resources

• Community Action Planning
Engaging communities in planning and action

• Communication and Community Presentations
Learning about and experiencing effective community presentations in different types of audience.

• Civic Participation and Social Mobilization
Sharing and using the tools of community engagement

• Working with Government
Understanding how government works and experiencing dialogue with government leaders and public servants

Media Relations
•  Learning and applying skills in working with radio, TV, print and other media

Mentorship, Coaching and Support

In between workshop sessions, ethno-cultural members, groups and organizations receive mentorship, coaching and support based on their needs.

Field Trips

Ethno-cultural members experience hands-on learning by observing and participating.

Dialogue with Government

Ethno-cultural communities participate in dialogue with leaders in government and institutions on issues, policies and programs that impact them.

Leadership Opportunities

Ethno-cultural members exercise their leadership roles in community forums, projects, advisory committees, organizational initiatives, and events.

Cross-cultural Leadership Forums

Ethno-cultural leaders and members come together to:

•  Provide community input, recommendations and feedback about how policies, programs and services affect ethno-cultural members

• Conduct dialogue around common issues and initiatives

• Discuss and implement ways of developing collaborative working relationships


For more information about LEAD, please contact:

Sheeba Vijayan
LEAD Program Coordinator
Phone: (403) 263 9900 ext. 2722
Email: sheeba.vijayan@ecccalgary.com



Funding provided by:

FCSS United Way of Calgary and Area