LEAD (Leadership Engagement, Action and Development)

  • Combines innovative leadership training and community action through civic participation
  • Promotes cross-cultural collaboration among ethno-cultural leaders around common issues
  • Themes include Pathways to Leadership, Community Presentations, Communication, Community Action Planning, Public Policy Analysis, Working with Government

BBEC (Building Bridges with Ethno-cultural Communities)

  • Provides information, toolkits and resources to ethno-cultural communities relevant to services and resources available for newcomers
  • Promotes collaboration between ethno-cultural communities, service providers and resources
  • Conducts training, field trips, community resource fairs and community forums

Sustaining e-CARD (Ethnocultural Community Action on Racial Discrimination)

  • Raises awareness and promotes community action to address racial discrimination
  • Informs and engages ethno-cultural communities to respond to issues
  • Collects stories, conducts field trips, community forums and focus groups
  • Organizes, trains and develops toolkits for community action teams

CEEC (Connecting Elders from Ethno-Cultural Communities)

  • Trains Elder Brokers to connect immigrant seniors with resources and services to increase accessibility of mainstream services through a reduction of cultural barriers.

SHARE (Sustaining Healthy & Awesome Relationships)

  • Prevention initiative that seeks to promote alternative strategies to address the systemic, structural and root causes of domestic violence through collaboration.

Aim High (Research, Policy & Education)

  • Conducts research and policy work in collaboration with community and stakeholders to study how ECCC priority issues are affecting ethno-cultural communities.
  • Educates ECCC members about how policy decisions are made and engages them meaningfully in policy discussions, consultations and debate.

Ethno-cultural Youth Development

  • Youth-to-youth mentorship
  • Young leaders participate in policy dialogues and issue analysis



ECCC Candidates Mayoral Town Hall 2010Somali CAR (Community Assessment Report)

  • This action research project focuses on the strengths and needs of the community.
  • Informs the development of concrete action plans so that the Somali community feels a sense of belonging and is empowered to participate fully and equally in Calgary.

Every Vote Counts

  • Identifies factors that make immigrants vote or not vote
  • Conducts Town Hall meetingsĀ  and Community Forums to increase immigrant voter awareness and participation

Community Forums and Dialogues with Government

  • Conducts community dialogues with public servants andĀ  elected representatives in various levels of government

Vital Conversations Creating Welcoming Comm 2010 audience

Conversations Focusing on Creating More Welcoming Communities and Workplaces

  • Conversations and community dialogues with employers, businesses and citizens

Ethnic Media Bureau

  • Ethnic media collaborating with communities to raise public awareness of issues impacting ethno-cultural communities