Our Canada, Our Story

A Community Theatre Production by Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary
December 17, 2017, 3:00 PM- 5:00 PM, Jack Singer Concert Hall

To purchase tickets, go to this link: Arts Commons (press Ctrl + Click to follow link).  For other inquiries, you may call ECCC at (403) 263 9900 or email us at info@ecccalgary.com

Journey with us in this one of a kind community theatre performance of Calgary’s indigenous and ethno-cultural artists.  This innovative project brings to life Canada’s roots and diverse history from the experiences of the first peoples of the land and of those who came after.  It weaves the narratives of our communities – histories of existence, colonization, immigration, survival, healing and resilience.  While our communities faced exclusion and racism, they persevered and thrived to help shape what we are now as Canada.  Today, the children of our communities share common aspirations for a more welcoming and equitable society.  These stories are told through a fusion of traditional and contemporary art and cultural forms.

Staged in a lively classroom setting, the performance encourages us to be critical students of Canada’s complex history and to participate in the shaping of our common future.

Most of the performers are volunteers and program participants of the community partners.  While the performance itself has an ending, the collaboration brought about by this project will spur other joint initiatives that will strengthen bonds of understanding and solidarity among our communities.

The performance contributes to the commemoration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary and the Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary’s 15th anniversary.

Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary has a  membership base of 70 organizations and works towards full civic participation and integration of ethno-cultural communities through collaborative action and collective voice.

Community Partner:
Arts Commons

Calgary Arts Development
Calgary Foundation
City of Calgary

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