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ECCC Membership Benefits

Why should my community organization become an ECCC member?

As a member of the Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary, your organization benefits in the following ways:

Building Our Collective Voice
  • A voice and vote in the ECCC’s Community Consortium to examine common issues,
    identify emerging opportunities and concerns, decide on
    official ECCC positions and to take collective action
  • Access to ECCC research papers, position papers and policy statements
  • Opportunities to sit on ECCC working groups and issue-based committees to learn,
    research, discuss, exchange, debate and develop position statements in areas of interest
  • Access to programs and resources of the ECCC,
    using collaborative workspaces and ECCC issue forums
  • Email alerts about new social, legislative and policy issues affecting
    visible minority communities
  • Invitations to ECCC members’ events to network with other
    ethno-cultural community organizations as well as other colleagues
    in the immigrant-serving and non-profit sectors
  • An affiliate membership in the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO),
    if your organization has an annual budget under $100,000

Why is it important that my community organization become an ECCC member?

  • We are all stronger when we work together to share our resources, knowledge and abilities.
    The number of organizations represented in the Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary will heavily impact the
    ability and credibility of the ECCC as a powerful collective voice for Calgary’s ethno-cultural communities.
  • ECCC membership offers your community organization opportunities to engage in the broader
    systemic issues that affect your community, together with other communities
    that are similarly affected. The extent of your involvement is up to you: share your expertise;
    work on the issues that are important to your community; or just access the information and resources
    that ECCC has developed and use them in your own work.
  • By sharing our resources, knowledge and abilities, we can strengthen each other to
    work more effectively for our communities and our common interests.