Welcome to ActionDignity, previously Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary

We are proud to announce our new name and share with you our new identity.

Why ActionDignity?

We’re all worthy of dignity and respect.

We are a country steeped In indigenous histories and fused together in a mosaic of cultures. We pride ourselves of being a nation who respects and values differences. We see equality is a right, but as it is with all of our rights, we must never take it for granted, always remind each other of its importance and fight for it. We exist to ensure all of us experience this right. That we never forget how our differences make us stronger and how our conviction of being a fair and just community is always upheld.

We all have a role to play. Each one of us is responsible for the quality of the community we live in. We all play a role in building our community and our future. We must act for our rights and our beliefs. We can all demonstrate our support and the value and respect we have for each other, with every interaction and at every moment. It’s our choice what kind of future we build. Our actions define us.

Join us in taking action for dignity.

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